SoftOrbits 3D Thumbnail Generator v1.0 *CORE*
SoftOrbits 3D Thumbnail Generator v1.0 *CORE*

3D Thumbnail Generator дозволяет творить эскизы всех изображений с изумляющими зрительными эффектами вполне автоматом. 3D-эффект, глубина и перспектива, кривые, тени, сияние, обводка и закругление краев - далековато неполный перечень способностей программы.
Create impressive thumbnails in just a few clicks!3D Thumbnail Generator makes it possible to generate thumbnails of any images with stunning visual effects completely automatically. The 3D effect, depth and perspective, curves, shadows, glow, stroke, and rounded edges are just a few effects to mention.
Top Reasons to Install 3D Thumbnail Generator
Choose 3D Thumbnail Generator and enjoy these exciting benefits:
Process Thousands of Images
3D Thumbnail Generator can process thousands of images with just a few clicks. Create your favorite thumbnail style, select images to make thumbnails of, and you are ready to go!In batch mode, 3D Thumbnail Generator will process all images automatically one by one, creating thumbnails in the same style without your interaction.
True 3D Processing
3D Thumbnail Generator employs a True 3D engine, making three-dimensional effects such as perspective, space warping and 3D-curving look extremely realistic. We don’t just take an image and bend or curve it; instead, the True 3D engine puts the image into a three-dimensional space, and performs complex transformations in all three dimensions. The True 3D engine produces three-dimensional thumbnails with realistic-looking shadows.
Stunning Visual Effects
Other than 3D transformations of an image, 3D Thumbnail Generator has many visual effects to enhance your thumbnails. Glow, reflections and shadows are just a few to name. You can create thumbnails with sharp or rounded corners with an adjustable degree of roundness.
Watermark Images
Create logotypes with advanced visual effects!3D Thumbnail Generator can watermark your images with text and graphical logotypes enhanced with visual effects such as transparency, shadow, and so on. If your logotype is a text line, you can change its font, color, and other properties in real-time.
Multiple Image Formats
Use 3D Thumbnail Generator anywhere!The thumbnail generator supports a variety of image formats, including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and PSD.
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Язык интерфейса: En
Лекарство: Keymaker Only-CORE
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